Post Colonial Literature Course

Follow the course to gain an understanding of some of the central concerns of Post Colonial literature and get an introduction to some of the key texts.

The course has 9 sections:

1. History

Colonial History, Colonial Viewpoints, Colonial Literature
Forster, Conrad

2. Challenge to the Centre

A Black Voice: N├ęgritude
Achebe, Ngugi, Rhys

3. Place and Displacement

A Question of Identity
Ondaatje, Walcott, Rhys, Ngugi, Achebe, Friel, Smith

4. Appropriation and Abrogation

Acceptance or Rejection of the Coloniser
Naipaul, Roy, Walcott, Smith

5. Language

What Are the Implications of Writing in English?
Achebe, Ngugi, Friel

6. Time and Chronology

Rearranging History
Roy, Ondaatje, Ngugi, Narayan, Rushdie, Smith

7. South Africa

Apartheid and the Anti-Apartheid Movement
Coetzee, Gordimer

8. Settler colonies: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

A Different Set of Questions
Cather, Mansfield, Malouf

9. Em/Immigration

Culture Shock
Smith, Tan