Translations in Production

Images of various performances of Translations.

The set for the Tulsa University production

The set for the Calvin Theatre production

The set for the Moat Club production

The set for the Hastings College production
Chandler Williams, Michael Fitzgerald, Morgan Hallett, Geraldine Hughes, Susan Lynch, and Alan Cox in Brian Friel’s Translations
The English soldiers arrive in Act 1

Hugh and Yolland

Owen, Manus and Yolland celebrate Manus’ new job

Yolland and Maire

Hugh and Maire Act 3

Jimmy and Maire Act 3

The play’s closing moments

Bridget and Yolland – premiere performance

Read this production review from the New York Times. There is an interesting audio slideshow linked on the left hand side of the page.

The 1993 Donmar Warehouse production is reviewed here and the 2018 National Theatre production is reviewed here.