Rosen, James and Google

Who doesn’t love Michael Rosen? For most people, it’s chocolate cake:

But Michael Rosen also has a long history of challenging various government education ministers and their half-baked ideas on the behalf of children. He’s a man with young people, stories and language at his heart. You may have heard that he suffered very badly with Covid-19 and was hospitalised in a coma for a long time. There is a moving article about him and his recovery here.

We celebrated Clive James in this blog following his death and as a reminder of him, here is an extract from his final book, full of wisdom about poetry and its role.

Finally, take a look at this TED talk. It’s funny and fascinating, looking at culturomics – how processing the data of Google’s digitising of 5 million books gives access to tools to explore changes in human culture and society, sometimes natural and sometimes forced by political suppression: