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Post Colonial Literature

Course Structure

Over the course, we will consider the central issues of post colonial literature outlined below. Some of the major writers we will be referring to are listed under each topic. In order to help your preparation, resources and a brief summary for each topic is linked to this page.


Colonial History, Colonial Viewpoints, Colonial Literature

Forster, Conrad

Challenge to the Centre

A Black Voice: Négritude

Achebe, Ngugi, Rhys

Place and Displacement

A question of identity

Ondaatje, Walcott, Rhys, Ngugi, Achebe, Friel, Smith

Abrogation and Appropriation

Acceptance or Rejection of the Coloniser

Naipaul, Roy, Walcott, Smith


What are the implications of writing in English?

Achebe, Ngugi, Friel

Time and Chronology

Rearranging History

Roy, Ondaatje, Ngugi, Narayan, Rushdie, Smith

South Africa

Apartheid and the Anti-Apartheid Movement

Gordimer, Coetzee

Settler colonies: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

A different set of questions

Cather, Mansfield, Malouf


Culture Shock

Tan, Smith

Past Paper Passages

Link to passages set for the legacy OCR Post Colonial synoptic unit, which give some useful reading material.