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by Brian Friel

Translations WebPath. This will guide you through a number of internet resources about the political and historical context of Friel's play.
Photographs from stage productions of the play.
Review of a production in the New York Times, as well as an interesting audio slidehow, linked down the left hand side of the page.
Friel's Extracts from a Sporadic Diary, recounting his writing of the play, and an interview with Friel.
A chronology of Irish History, focusing on Ireland's relationship with Britain.
For a comprehensive guide to the history of Ireland, and in particular the struggles of Northern Ireland, visit the BBC's informative site.
A consideration of some of the issues of Language and Naming in Translations.
A thoughtful essay on the play and its role in nationalist debate
After reading the play, you will understand how it addresses the issues of British involvement in Ireland from a colonialist perspective. This link has a detailed and very interesting essay which explores this aspect of the play.
Wider reading of Irish Literature for study of Translations.
In drama particularly there are many examples of "other readers'" views of a text, since every different production will highlight different areas, according to the director's and the actors' interpretations. Follow this link to read a review of a production at The Abbey Theatre in Dublin in 2001.
Post-Colonial Literature Index page.