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Irish Literature
There is a great deal of Irish Literature to read, giving various insights into Irish Society, the influence of Catholicism and Ireland's political dilemmas.


James Joyce:
Dubliners: short stories concerning various lives in Dublin.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, an autobiographical novel.

Roddy Doyle:
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha: growing up in Ireland, honest and funny. Also the Barrytown Trilogy.

Seamus Deane
Reading in the Dark: a powerful semi-autobiographical novel about a young boy growing up in Derry thorugh the 50s and 60s.

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Brian Friel:
Dancing at Lughnasa is probably Friel's best known play after Translations, also set in Ballybeg.
Philadelphia, Here I Come! concerns emigration to America, also an undercurrent in Translations.

JM Synge:
The Playboy of the Western World: a wild, comic-grotesque play where a supposed murderer of his father becomes a local hero — until his dad turns up.

Sean O'Casey:
Early 20th C playwright, often with a sharp focus on Ireland's political troubles and its relationship with England. Try Juno and the Paycock


WB Yeats:
Recalling Irish myths and legends, Yeats had a passionate belief in redeeming Ireland and the Irish people at the beginning of the 20th C, wanting a renaissance of Irish culture, which he saw being threatened and eroded. There are also some political poems.

Seamus Heaney
The most important contemporary Irish poet, with a world-wide reputation. In his Selected Poems you will find a wide range, including poems which consider Ireland's violent past through prehistoric bodies found in peat bogs to concerns with the torn politics and loyalties of contemporary Ireland.

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Post-Colonial Literature

If you get interested in the political dimensions of England's relationship with formerly colonised countries, there is wealth of post-colonial literature to read. Follow the link for further information..