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This site is not complete, but does itself contain a range of useful links, particularly to contextual material about the Middle Ages. It also provides links to information about other European medieval literature.

Not an academic site, but this does have a range of useful information about medieval English history to allow you to gain some context for Chaucer's work. The sections on the medieval Church may be particularly useful.

One of the most useful sites, but make sure you have your computer's sound turned down, as the jolly medieval music it plays by default is highly irritating. Having got past that, there is some excellent information. Some are external links, but you will find essays, notes, audio clips, pictures from the Ellesmere Manuscript and more. You can also look at what the site has on other medieval writers by deleting 'chaucer.htm' from the url.

This one is a highly academic history site, but very carefully organised with detailed and informative articles on a wide variety of medieval matters, including the Church, the Crusades and Feudalism.

From "America's Gateway to the British Isles", this nevertheless has some useful links providing contextual information. The Thomas a Beckett and Church sections are particularly useful for a study of The Canterbury Tales.